Thank you for your interest in partnering with Run or Dye!  Working with non-profit organizations is a crucial aspect of our mission to make the world a better place in every community where we hold events.

We partner with up to four non-profits in a given market.  Depending the size of your organization, there are several partnership structures available.  For example, you might contribute volunteers and receive a donation from Run or Dye per volunteer, or we might provide you with exclusive discount codes that you can share with your contacts as a fun, fit fundraiser...or a combination of the two!

Once you apply for a partnership, our non-profit coordinators will be able to speak with you about the level of partnership that best fits your needs.

Please fill out the form below to apply for an application

We'll be in touch within 1-2 weeks about your application.  We look forward to working with you!

Partnership you are applying for:

  • Coupon Codes: When we partner with you, we'll give you a coupon code specific to your organization and the event we are holding in your area. The coupon codes will be valid for 2 weeks after it is issued, and you can give it out at your discretion up to that point. After the 2 weeks we can choose to do another one depending on the timeline of the event. You will receive $3.00-$5.00 for every use of your code, depending on the size of your charity.

Once you have applied please allow 1-2 weeks for Run or Dye to be in contact.

Questions? Call (801) 981-4235 or email: