What if I am not an Olympic Gold Medalist? Can I still participate?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to come Dye with us! We have been fondly called Walk or Dye by the National Association of Mall Walkers (Hehehe) and we are called Dance or Dye by the World Dance in Color Federation of Fun Dancers. In fact, you can run, dance, skip, stroll, jog, trot, dash or dye™ Basically this event is for YOU!

So this event is for me, eh? So what, would I be able to make this like a couch to 5k race?

Would you?? Look, this event is a FUN RUN! You can run this at your own pace (fast, slow, who CARES), heck you could even call this a 5K walk! The most important thing is you set your goals and stick to them. We can't get you off of that couch, but we can certainly give you a super fun goal to shoot for!

What do I wear?

Showing off your color will work with just about ANYTHING you wear. We recommend the brightest white or light grey to show off ALL the colors... but don't let that discourage you from going crazy with the sauciest accent colors imaginable. You are your very own canvas - so be adventurous! Create costumes with your friends to wow even yourselves! (Wear the the brightest colors (bright light fluorescent yellow, green, pink or blue - but remember if you wear bright blue the blue from the event won't show on those articles of clothing.)

What does Run or Dye do for Charity?

Quite a bit, actually! As a for-profit company, some of our core values are service, leadership, and giving back to the community. That's why we work closely with a local charity in each of the cities where we hold events to ensure that the good they do can keep on going. We provide our non-profit partners with financial donations, embedded giving opportunities for a fun and profitable fundraiser, publicity and visibility at our events, and more. If you'd like to recommend a charity in one of the cities we run in, do so on the CONTACT US page!

What do I get when I sign up for Run or Dye?

You get a Run or Dye event shirt, extra dye packet, event race number, and a goodie-stuffed swag bag (varies from race to race). Most importantly, you get the most fun you can have dye-ing!


Run or Dye is for Families. Kids 6 and under run free with an adult - no need to Register them. For your older kids - show them how fun being active can be and register them to participate.


We love the pooches as much as anybody - but they aren't allowed at Run or Dye - SORRY! You'll get enough color that you can still take some home for Sparky before a bath and get some priceless pics!

Packet Pick Up?

We will post information about Packet Pick Up a week or two before the event. Make sure you like us on Facebook so you can stay tuned to all of our announcements!

Should I wear my $400 jeans?

The Dye we use is completely safe and will wash out of your clothes--but we don't do your laundry so results may vary depending on detergent, temperature, etc. For this reason we recommend you wear stuff that you don't mind getting a little colorful. Probably don't bring your $400 pair of stark white jeans to Run or Dye. You may also want to avoid wearing your $400 white jeans to: the movies, a bar, the grocery store, or your brother's nasty car. (Just sayin'.)

How will I know my time for running the 5k?

We don't time Run or Dye. You could always grab a stopwatch from your Jr. High Gym Coach?

Can I bring friends or family to support me?

Everyone is welcome at Run or Dye. Your guests should come expecting to possibly get hit with some Dye or stay a safe distance back.

Can I register the day of the Event?

Most of our events sell out before the event, but check our website before you come. Registration at the event in the rare case it is available will be $10 more than online and shirts / gear will be available on a first come - first serve basis.

How do I transfer my registration to another person?

Though we're bummed you're not able to Run or Dye with us, we're glad you're spreading the love! Go to myevents.active.com and login to your account. Choose the option "transfer registration to another athlete" and enter the email address of the person you're transferring it to. If you don't have an Active.com account, click on the link in your registration confirmation email that says "transfer to someone else" and follow the prompts. Once the person you're transferring to claims the registration, it will refund your payment (minus the $10 transfer fee and any applicable active.com processing fees). A reminder that the person receiving the transfer will pay the CURRENT price of registration. Transferring is available up until a week before the race.

How many people can you have on a team?

You need at least four people to create a team. After that, the sky is the limit! There is no max amount of team members.

How do I register my team?

First, one team member must create the team as part of their registration. Then other members will be able to find the team name during their own registration process. Each person MUST register separately.

How old do I have to be to create a team?

You must be over 18 years of age to create a team, but people under 18 can join once it's created.

What if my friend or family member didn't join my team during registration?

Don't worry! Even if they're not officially listed as a team member in our system, you can still run together without any impact on how you participate in the event. The team system allows you to save $5 and come up with a super awesome name for yourselves, but because Run or Dye is not a relay, it has minimal impact on how the race itself functions.

How can I get support or other help?

Send an email to info@runordye.com and we will get back to you right away. NOTE: Because we like to dye on the weekends, it can take a couple of days to to get back to you (Thursday to Sunday).


Like most live events, we don't offer refunds on registrations. If an event needs to be postponed due to severe weather, we will do our best to reschedule the event, and your registrations will be honored at the new date if we are able to find a make-up event; there is no guarantee of this, of course. If an event is rescheduled due to any other reason, no refunds will be issued.

Will the dye wash out of my hair?

The dye is made of colored cornstarch and is designed to be 100% washable. If you have light-colored hair, or if it's expected to be rainy or a particularly humid day when you participate in Run or Dye, we suggest adding some leave-in conditioner to your hair before the run.

What time does the race start?

Our first wave starts at 9:00 am and then we have waves every 15 minutes!